Bad habits you need to get rid of as a Software Developer

Jeffrey E. Uvero
3 min readJan 12, 2021


It’s new year and everyone is creating their own “new year’s resolution” to upgrade themselves. Some take it seriously and some are just enjoying creating a resolution for themselves every January. However, how about not a resolution, instead an improvement to yourself personally or at work? So I created the list of bad habits we need to remove to improve as a Software Developer.

1. Writing inaccurate commit messages:

  1. Writing inaccurate commit messages:

This is one of the issues of Software developers, some of their teammates don’t know how to put a correct commit message or sometimes they didn’t take it seriously. Commit messages are very important, especially if you’re retrieving something you worked for in the past. Developers claim that others can look at the code if the message is not really clear, well that’s the last choice if the message is unclear.

2. Not reviewing your teammates code

If you start reviewing your teammate’s code, it will benefit not only for you, but for your team as well. In your advantage, you will learn new from your teammates and adopt their techniques. In your team advantage you will familiarize in the application flow and you can also improve the bad codes you will read in their codes.

3. Failing to test your own codes

I know we prioritize the time and the deadline, they gave us, but we need to keep in our mind that we need to also give quality in our work. Testing is the best habit we do to make quality work and some are failing in this because we always think that our work is fine even if we’re not testing it.

4. Failing to plan before coding

We always fail it, if we rush in our deadline, we always skip planning. And as the result, instead of giving speed to our task it gives us headaches because without planning, some unanticipated error came up.

5. Giving up fast

Some of the newbie developers simply lose their hope when facing error and problem in their task very fast. Giving up is not an option in programming, yes, you will experience new and scary things while coding, but you will figure out how to fix the error by reading more articles and research or sometimes by asking help from your teammate but patience is all you need.

6. Avoiding learning new things

For experienced developers, doing many projects and mastering a programming language is not enough. Many things can be learned. If you stocked your knowledge in 5 years and not learned new things you will be left behind by the other developers. Learning new things means new opportunities and don’t hesitate to face them. You will grow as a developer.

Hopefully you learned something from this blog

Happy New year and happy coding…

Credit to Fullstackhq for inspiration and AJP



Jeffrey E. Uvero

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