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Jeffrey E. Uvero
3 min readDec 1, 2021
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It’s been 7 months since I last posted my blog at Medium and I know I owe it to my reader if I have and also to myself because I remember in my last year’s blog I promised that I would write a blog every month. I have my personal reasons why I have not posted any blogs since April but now after I contemplated it I decided to continue writing a blog again. I know it’s a bit consistent but I am trying my best to write and to share my thoughts and experience to everyone who’s interested.

One of the reasons why I have not posted my blog is because of Podcasts. I want to create something new that I can share my thoughts and experience through my voice. Speaking and telling to the world what is in my mind and not just in writing. It’s sad but I am trying to stop my blogging because of the podcast because I know I would have many audiences through it and I can also monetize and earn some money from it. It’s originally a vlog but It’s a bit harder to edit videos than to edit some voice over on my computer. Also that time I am thinking that in podcasts your audience can listen to you wherever they are doing unlike in blogging that they need to focus while reading your post.

I created my podcast and named it The Code-through . The Code-through from the combined words Code and walk through means My Coding Journey. My plan here is to tell the story and experience as a developer and also tell my thoughts and opinion about something on programming. It was fun to see your name and your creation on Spotify. I was inspired to create more episodes and share it with my friend and coworker. Since I created my Podcast on July 22 until today November 28. I have 8 episodes and 57 total plays. The number is not really great but I totally appreciated it since I am starting to do that

My problem with it is I am totally not consistent. I am trying to schedule my episode but I failed. It was hard to write and record myself reading the script. I feel like it was inorganic reading it but I can’t speak without it also. I am planning to have an outline but It’s resulting in me writing my own words. It also gives me a hard time to edit my episode. I am stuck and I am thinking right now that no one wants to listen to my podcast because they don’t like to hear the opinion of the not famous people. I think if they are not my friend they would not listen to my podcast.

That’s the reason why I am thinking of stopping releasing my podcast. Right now I think my focus is to learn more in development and programming and to share what I learned here at my blog. Yes I am trying to be consistent here because unlike podcasts all I need here is to write and publish. Sharing is always my thing because I know that if I share I can also learn something, experience and knowledge can be shared on any platform. If you make it here. Thank you.

Happy Coding .

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Jeffrey E. Uvero

Jeffrey E. Uvero is a PHP and JavaScript Developer currently working as React Engineer