New Beginning

Jeffrey E. Uvero
2 min readDec 11, 2020

Hi, I am Jeffrey E. Uvero and I have considered myself as an experienced software developer and comfortable using PHP and JavaScript language.

I started coding when I was a college student in our programming 1 class. I was forced to code because I was the only one who had the guts to start the project (we’re two in the group who know how to code). After that semester I was slightly confident that I can Code.

Fast forward after graduation and four months of applying to many companies, I got a job but not coding related -unfortunately.
I got a call center job because it’s hard for a fresh graduate student to get a developer position. Most of the company that time was looking for an experienced developer.

After 3 years I got a coding job at Amellar Solution and was assigned to the team who works with the web applications. Fast forward again after 4 years I am still here learning new things.

Why Blogging ?

In 2014 I tried to start a blog at I start to write regarding my experience in developing. I published around four blogs,then I stopped due to some priorities but now I am planning to continue it. The objective of writing blogs is to share my knowledge I learn in the field of development and also to learn new things because I believe if I teach something to others I will also learn.



Jeffrey E. Uvero

Jeffrey E. Uvero is a PHP and JavaScript Developer currently working as React Engineer