Revisiting old stuff with new perspective.

Photo by Brendan Church on Unsplash

This title was first posted by Ben Halpern on his twitter post @bendhalpern and after I’ve read it, lots of ideas came in.

I had experienced it when I randomly browsed the old messages on my yahoo mail which happened to be my main source of files since college up to present, I sent some stuff and sample websites created thru HTML to my schoolmates and colleagues

Back then, I asked someone for a favor to kindly upload this webpage as it was a requirement or part of a subject completion as we ended the semester, and today I tried downloading the said attached file and ran it using a local server.

As I recall, it remains clear to me how I got really impressed with the outcome of that project 5 years ago. And now, looking at it I feel somewhat dismay and almost couldn’t tell myself that this is the most I can show off before. But at some point I feel glad and blessed knowing today I can do more in this craft. I am more knowledgeable and trained, and I guess that's what matters.

This simple scenario has highlighted how I improved. Comparing these projects I made then and now, I could say I have learned a lot or probably I have enhanced my skills as the time passes by. This one is way better than before.

The idea of revisiting your old stuff somehow let us realize what we have learned despite the time constraint back in school, how the learning have developed as of yet and we also see what this era would offer us in this industry. Perhaps, we could spare some time to reach out again with our old stuff and see how can we apply those skills we’ve equipped to ourselves so far and we will see that it is a living testament of what we were and what else we could be in our chosen career. Those stuff may be old but definitely gold



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Jeffrey E. Uvero

Jeffrey E. Uvero

Jeffrey E. Uvero is a PHP and JavaScript Developer currently working as Technical Analyst and specializes in Front-End Development.