What if you don’t love to code anymore

Jeffrey E. Uvero
2 min readFeb 26, 2021
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One of the worst things in the world is to feel you don’t love what you are doing anymore. Love is the key and the foundation of everything in terms of work, relationship and other things but suddenly you feel different in what you are doing, you feel you don’t want it anymore.

Most professionals and students experience rejection, tardiness and stress at work specially while coding. You need to come up with your deadlines, deal with your co-workers, your boss and learn and keep up with the latest technology as well as your personal and other problems. This may make you feel exhausted one day and it makes you identify to yourself that you don’t want to code anymore and what’s worse, is when you don’t love doing it anymore. I think that’s the worst case that can happen to a person who deals with the problem and I know that it’s always experienced in other fields or professions, not only in programming or I.T field.

I’m not an expert in terms of this but I also experienced most of the struggles and passed it and I will advise anyone who is experiencing sudden unlove of coding is to review your goal.

Why did you start coding and what you like to achieve for doing this? I know you have a deep reason for taking this profession and you are just tired for a while. Take a break, do some other things that make you feel happy and alive again, watch movies, play video games or sports, read articles and blogs or just sleep. Maybe you are just tired and if you feel you are great again try to restart and examine again if you still love coding.

I believe if you have a deep reason for loving programming there’s no struggle that will make you unlove that unless you’re just doing it for the sake of money and not including love in your reasons.

Happy Coding…



Jeffrey E. Uvero

Jeffrey E. Uvero is a PHP and JavaScript Developer currently working as React Engineer