Why should we have a medium account as a developer?

Jeffrey E. Uvero
2 min readFeb 12, 2021

I am not a writer or I don't know how to write. Why do I need that? That's the first question you will receive if you say that they need a Medium account, but having an account will give you a benefit especially in your career.

Sharing knowledge
Sharing is caring and even if you are not a writer or an author you can still share your knowledge to the world. Many developers are seeking the specific question on Google and the search engines give results from Medium. By sharing your knowledge and thought, you help other developers in finding out what they are looking for.

Gaining Knowledge
You can also learn from the knowledge and experience of others. Some developers post their articles and tutorials in Medium such as what they are thinking and telling about their experience. Other topics are available on this website and not only for developers. You can also read articles regarding politics, news, art and many more.

Building your online presence.
Posting in Medium can help your online presence get increased. It's like many social media platforms that can boost your name in the search engine and help you to be more recognized by others, especially when your goal is to have a good impression during application.

Gives recognition
In counterpart of like and heart in other social media, Medium also has a button to recognize the author and that is the "Clap Button". We all know that this button is like a simple button you click when you like someone's post but for the author it gives confidence and fuel to work hard.



Jeffrey E. Uvero

Jeffrey E. Uvero is a PHP and JavaScript Developer currently working as React Engineer